The benefits of using video animation to drive conversions.

Craig Greenup 08/11/21, 10:00

The benefits of using video animation to drive conversions.

There’s no question that having an attractive, engaging website that works well, gives a top class user experience, and has a strong brand identity goes a long way to building brand recognition and credibility among your users. In fact, working on your site’s presence is one of the most impactful ways to earn those all important conversions that drive your bottom line. Many modern brands are looking for creative ways to do this, including on-page animation to bring their sites to life.

If you’ve noticed your website has a high bounce rate, low conversions, or overall site traffic is stagnating then there’s a good chance you will benefit from leveraging the power of animation to improve your UX. When UX is done well it has the potential to increase conversion rates by up to 400%, and animation is one of the most effective ways to boost your UX in a way that encourages conversions.

Make an impression

Site users crave memorable experiences when visiting a website. By introducing animated features and elements you’ll be able to make a lasting impression on your new and returning site users, and this is largely down to the value that creative use of video animation adds to each page it’s used on, such as:

  • Enriching user experience through informational animations
  • Giving your site users a clear, personal brand message
  • Letting people know who your company is at a glance
  • Crafting a positive, addictive user experience
  • Demonstrating core values in an easy-to-digest format

Communicate complex ideas

It can be hard to make yourself clear online, and using text and flat images alone to get your point across can be challenging. By opting for video animation you can bring your products, services and ideas to life. Your audience is much more likely to engage with content they can understand and find value in, and animation gives website owners a simple and effective way to do this to ensure maximum conversions. 

Funnel users through your website

Including video and animation on your pages means your visitors are almost guaranteed to spend longer on that page than they otherwise would, which dramatically reduces your bounce rate. Another interesting fact is that around 65% of people are more likely to complete an action on a page where they can see this kind of content, such as filling in a query form, signing up to a newsletter, or completing a purchase. The best thing about this is that you can use animation to effectively funnel users through your site, get them to engage with your most important content, and earn more conversions.

Make it your own with Radical

One of the main reasons for animation’s popularity – aside from increased engagement and conversions – is that it can be tailored to fit with your brand’s identity and messaging perfectly. Slick and subtle to bold and fun, animation is completely adaptable when your goals are centred into the planning stage. If you think that video animation could be exactly what you need to drive engagement and gain conversions then contact us, we can’t wait to hear from you.