How To Use Content To Boost Your Online Presence.

Craig Greenup 16/05/19, 10:38

How To Use Content To Boost Your Online Presence

There is no question that content forms the backbone of our online presences these days. From product or service descriptions to blogs and more, almost everything we do online involves written copy to a degree. There’s a good reason for this; by now it is well known in digital spheres that there’s a strong correlation between the quality of site content and engagement and conversion rates. We’ve touched on the importance of building rapport with your customers and site visitors in previous blogs, and this blog will go into more detail on how this can be achieved with written content.

Choose quality over quantity

It is not enough to simply churn out content regularly, the content also needs to be engaging and have value for the reader. When content fails to engage a reader or offer them valuable information they will tend to abandon the page and look elsewhere. You should aim to create content which demonstrates thought leadership on your chosen topic. The best way to do this is to focus on writing content which is well researched, interesting, and addresses any pain points your site visitors have. It is much more effective to create fewer, more in depth pieces than a larger number of shorter pieces which can be annoying for readers.

Tailor your content

Once you have thought about the topics you want to cover, think about the different angles you might use to approach them. You should be able to use existing data on your site visitors to find out which web pages are most popular and therefore which topics your readers are most interested in. Use this as an opportunity to let your customers get to know you and inject your content with personality and authenticity. By tailoring your content to your audience you will ensure that it is relevant and interesting.

Make sure your content is visible

There’s not a lot of point in creating awesome content and then burying it on your website. Make sure that any content you create is easy to locate on your site, whether that is having a dedicated section for blogs and video content or by having a dedicated resources or FAQ section – there are plenty of creative and effective ways content can be displayed onsite, and we can help with this.

Keep your content up to date

When we say ‘keep your content up to date’, we don’t mean that you should publish new content or change existing content for the sake of it. Find a schedule for creating new content which is realistic for you and try to stick to it. Blog posts in particular can become outdated very quickly, and seeing that your most recent blogs are actually a few months old can put readers off exploring the content. If you can get into the habit of producing regular and reliable content then you can establish yourself as an authority on your chosen topics. The aim is to cement your company’s position as a go-to source of information and one of the simplest tools you can use to guide your efforts is a content or marketing calendar which should keep you on track.

Make sure your UX is as awesome as your content

Providing valuable, engaging content for your readers is important, but it’s also vital to make sure your UX is also top notch. This will make your content as accessible and enjoyable to use as possible, and is something that your users will definitely appreciate. Contact us today for more information on how we can help bring your content to life and boost your online presence.