Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.

Craig Greenup 30/05/22, 07:22

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.

We’re living in a digital age; you will have heard the word “millennial” thrashed about a lot. An era condemned for capturing the moment on our phone, rather than enjoying the moment itself. Constant scrolling, internet browsing and Netflix watching.

But we’re also in an era of flexibility, remote working is demanded by employees who want the option to work from their homes at least a couple of days a week, meaning more people are in their homes now than ever both.

UK businesses spent £260 million on door drop marketing last year – why? Because it works. In today’s digital world, a piece of mail is enjoyed more than ever – with 64% of door drops looked at immediately upon arrival, in comparison to only 20 to 30 percent of consumers opening their email advertisements.

Additionally, door drops are shown to stay in the customers home for approximately 6 days. This gives a large window for opportunity; leaflets provide longevity to your advertising.

So why not use a leaflet campaign to boost your digital marketing?

Driving traffic to your website via leaflet marketing can be done in a variety of ways, firstly, with just a simple call to action of your website address.

For this to work, it’s best to make the process of visiting your website as simple as possible. If you use a URL, make sure the URL is easy to type – shorter URL’s work better. Or alternatively, use a QR code, the ease of a QR code appeals to many, with the code once scanned taking the customer direct to your desired landing page.

The success rate of these methods are enhanced further if you give your audience a compelling reason to visit the website, such as a great offer, a free trial etc. If you put digital and traditional marketing together, you’ve won the jackpot. Flyers and leaflets are a proven, great way of boosting your website traffic. You heard it here first.