Using domain names to promote your business in 2023

Craig Greenup 01/02/23, 16:21

One of the first things we do when setting up an online business is to find the perfect (or near perfect) domain name. This always feels like a big deal because your domain name is how your users will find you and it’s where newcomers will get their first impression of your brand. In effect, your domain name can be one of your most valuable assets, and with time may even become a household name.

Any domain name you choose should be carefully selected for suitability based on a number of factors such as how easy it is to remember and how well it represents your brand identity. It can be easy to get caught up in choosing a domain name that you feel drawn to initially, but if you can hone in on the right name you can use it to your advantage as a promotional tool.

Build an engaging, high value website

The first and most obvious way your domain name can be used to promote your business is by using it to create a website that your users will want to seek out and engage with. This could be because it is high value and offers them something they can’t get anywhere else in terms of products and information, or because it provides high levels of engagement.

Expand your organic reach

If SEO is your thing, work on using SEO techniques to build visibility using your domain name such as branded search engine marketing and more. These highly targeted SEO campaigns are a great way to increase the reach of your brand and foster trust and credibility while boosting your organic traffic. You can also leverage your content to implement a keyword optimisation strategy that will dramatically increase your share of voice within your industry and attract backlinks to your site.

Create branded email addresses

Few things are as off putting for your users and potential customers as being given a generic email address when they need to contact your company online. Generic email addresses such as Gmail and Outlook addresses are perfectly fine for personal use, but they lack polish and trustworthiness when used as an official point of contact for your customers. These days your users expect you to use branded email addresses because they send the right signals in terms of professionalism. In terms of brand promotion, they are a great way to ensure your brand is foremost in people’s minds whenever they need to contact you.

As the digital sphere evolves, the importance of having a well defined brand and using it wisely to promote your business cannot be overstated. It is increasingly important to find these often overlooked ways to promote your brand online and have it resonate with your target markets. Your domain name gives you plenty of additional opportunities to control your representation online, especially when you factor in the branding power to be gained organically. If you need expert advice on choosing the right domain name and more tips on how to promote your brand then give us a call.