What Makes A Brand Logo Great?

Craig Greenup 09/08/19, 09:53

What Makes A Brand Logo Great?

Logos and company branding are some of the most important areas to cover when it comes to getting your name and products out there. Think about your favourite brands for a moment. There’s a very good chance that their logos will fall into one of three categories:

  1. Font based (wordmarks and lettermarks). Font based logos such as FedEx, Sony and Google.
  2. Abstract / conceptual pictorial. Instantly recognisable graphics like the Twitter bird or the Starbucks logo.
  3. Descriptive / illustrative pictorial. Logos which describe a company’s products or services like 7-Eleven, Burger King or the British Heart Foundation.

Whichever style they follow, there are many aspects of popular logos which help to catch our attention and cement them in our minds. 


Keeping things simple is perhaps one of the most important things to think about when developing a logo for your brand. A simple logo is easier to recognise and remember and will become familiar to customers more quickly than a complicated, overdone logo. The best logos are simple enough to be drawn from memory – think along the lines of the McDonald’s arches, the Apple logo, and the world-famous Nike Swoosh.


Unfortunately, not every logo designed to be unique is guaranteed to be ‘good’, but when you get it right it can be super effective. Choosing something unexpected and unique helps you to distinguish your brand from similar companies in your sector which is exactly what you are looking for in a logo. 


Once you have finalised your design and launched the new logo there is a good chance you will want to use it across various platforms. The easiest way to make sure your logo is versatile is to think critically about where and how it will be used; the best time to do this is before or during the design phase. Your logo needs to be easily scaled and suitable for use in both digital and printed media.


Don’t forget that your logo’s main job is to capture exactly what your company or brand is all about. Use colours, fonts and styles which instantly give customers a feel for who your company is and don’t be afraid to inject some brand personality into the logo. Of course, your logo doesn’t need to show everyone exactly what you do at a glance – in fact, playing to customers’ desire for mystery and novel ideas can work out really well from a commercial perspective. 

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