When is the right time to rebrand your business?

Craig Greenup 31/08/18, 16:37


A lot can change over the course of just a few years, especially in ecommerce. The goals you have now may seem far removed from when you first started out, and that’s natural. With luck, you’re getting too big for your boots and are planning to move into exciting new territories.

What are the benefits?

Refresh and reignite your brand

People will notice when your branding is looking outdated – it’s something that can encourage customers to pass over you in favour of something that looks new and shiny (we are fickle creatures, after all).

A rebrand will bring your company’s image into the present day, reigniting the spark that set your business apart from the competition in the first place. For a good example of why rebranding is important, check out how the Google logo has evolved since the late 90s. Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

See what we mean? What looked good in 1998 looks tacky and weird today.

Attract new customers

Your branding is often the first thing new customers will see, so you need to make the right impression. If you want to break into new markets then rebranding can give your business a firm foot in the door. The last thing you want is for your dated branding to hold you back; opting for a redesign can make you more accessible to previously untapped markets.

Reflect exciting changes in your company

Humble beginnings mean that most companies work to a tight budget and take a DIY approach to their branding to reduce costs. We’re not saying that there is anything wrong with this but as a business grows, DIY branding can look unpolished and unprofessional. Rebranding is a logical step when big changes are happening internally and we often work with brands during transition stages:

  • Company growth and expansion
  • Merging businesses
  • Change in business operations
  • Changes in audience
  • Changes in market trends
  • Changes in business focus and direction

Are you ready to rebrand?

If you are looking into rebranding then consider these questions:

Does your branding still reflect the goals of your business?
How does your branding compare to up-and-coming brands in the same industry?
Does your brand convey a professional, polished look?
Is your branding consistent across all channels including social media and email?
Does your brand appeal to your target audiences?
Does your branding give a positive impression of your company?
Are you proud of the way your current brand represents your company?

Have a good think. If you answer mostly with ‘No’ or general groans of despair, then now is probably a good time to think about updating your branding.

We specialise in crafting future-proof designs that are meaningful and versatile. Our team takes the time to get to know your business, market and competitors and we offer a complete service, giving us a distinct advantage when it comes to rebranding.

  • Logo design
  • Company stationery
  • Social media assets
  • Brochures
  • Signage
  • Website graphics
  • Promotional materials
  • Leaflets and flyers

For more information or if you’d like to chat about your rebranding and design ideas then get in touch by telephone or online.