2019’s Hottest Web Design Trends.

Craig Greenup 26/02/19, 14:10

2019’s Hottest Web Design Trends

Last year we saw more of the minimalist web design style which has become synonymous with high end and tech brands such as Apple. Its use of negative space and pared down colour schemes has been a welcome oasis in an otherwise harsh and sometimes gaudy landscape, and this trend is set to continue throughout 2019. A tendency towards a minimalist web design style has given rise to interesting variations on the theme. A lot of new designs are brighter, bolder, and a bit more informal than purely minimalist designs.

1. Nostalgic and retro design elements.

These web designs draw inspiration from nostalgic motifs and themes which would be familiar in the mid 20th Century through the the 1980s and 1990s but with a modern, minimalist flair. Lines are cleaned up and colour schemes are limited to a smaller palette. A great example of this is New York Moon’s website which captures the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ style in a tasteful and modern way. Other brands use colours popular in the later half of the 20th Century paired with a modern, minimalist layout in order to give a nostalgic yet unfussy feel to their site such as Tens Sunglasses.

2. Monochrome.

Though it has never truly gone out of style, monochrome web design is making a surge in 2019 and one of our favourite examples is Eat Genesis’s super-cool website. Its use of illustration in a black and white palette is effective and impactful while avoiding a cluttered and fussy look.

3. Asymmetry.

Asymmetry is basically a lack of symmetry between design elements across two halves of a design. The key to creating an impactful and appealing asymmetrical design is to make sure there is an element of balance throughout the design. This can be a little tricky to get right, especially if you get too bogged down in the finer details so it’s important to focus on the bigger picture.  An old favourite which is both minimalist and asymmetrical is the Apple website. Asymmetry is particularly useful if you want to incorporate a perceived element of movement in your designs.

4. Creative heroes and headers.

The top ‘above the fold’ section of a web page is often dedicated to eye catching and on brand imagery and headers which take up the whole viewport. 2019 has seen this area become almost like a billboard, with more experimental elements being brought in to replace the standard full width image with a text overlay. A good example of more experimental header areas comes from popular marketing tool Hubspot. Another favourite is the straightforward and practical header offered by Airbnb which allows you to find properties the moment the site loads using a simple form.

5. Brutalist websites.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, brutalism certainly has its place amongst 2019’s hottest web design styles. The look is characterised by oversized cursors, bold in-your-face fonts in large format and has a freestyle feel to it. A notable example is Yale University of Art’s creative and slightly bonkers website. The overall look draws on minimalist style while exaggerating each element in size and colour.

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