Rezdy API Development

We have all the skills and experience to make Rezdy API and WordPress work well together.

Rezdy API Development

An introduction to Rezdy.

Rezdy is a technology provider that provide the tools required for suppliers or agents to sell their tours or resell customers’ products. Their platform uses an open API, so that it is easy for suppliers or agents to integrate internal systems and web applications with their booking engine. Or in other words, Rezdy provides a fully integrated booking experience for customers.

Rezdy API Development.

Over the last 2 years we have built up a solid understanding of Rezdy’s booking platform and can advise you about the the ins and out of each approach, be it a bespoke API integration, or simply embedding their booking widgets/plugins onto your website (iframe).

We have worked on multiple projects to-date and have developed a proven track record of generating sales and maximising results for clients. Here are a few projects to give you an idea:

Rezdy and WordPress CMS?

We love working with WordPress, it’s a great platform for our clients who aren’t tech-savvy and need a simple means to manage and update their website. Combined with Rezdy’s API, it opens the door to build a perfect booking system, one that can be easily managed and developed with the future in mind.

Whilst there are a few limitations in Rezdy’s API (such as transport product bookings), it is constantly being improved and new additions are released. Some of our favourite features that we have developed on Rezdy websites include:

  • Automated product sync, to update product descriptions, images, and add new ones automatically.
  • Storing order / booking details, and tracking checkout abandonment.
  • Integration with Stripe payments.
  • Error / payment log reporting, in case of issues.
  • Search functionality, filtering and advanced category listings.

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