An effective approach to writing content for websites can be ascertained from Needham (2009), who describes that content should be original and up-to-date. This can be achieved by using the the AIDCA  approach when writing your websites content. The overall aim is to simply keep users interested, whilst focusing on the ultimate goal of guiding others to take action.

AIDCA Principles

1) Awareness – attention to your service/product. The use of powerful words, or a picture to catch the reader’s eye, that is quick and direct.

2) Interest – life enhancing benefits, personal needs/wants. The use of bullet points and subheadings to section text and make points stand out.

3) Desire – making the offer irresistible. Appeal to the personal needs of the customers, offering a link to features and benefits.

4) Conviction
As hardened consumers, there is an element of skepticism about marketing claims. As for example, it is no longer enough to say: “that book is a bestseller”. On the other hand, readers will take notice if a book has been in the New York Times bestseller list for 10 weeks, providing it is stated accurately.

5) Action – call to action.
A call to action is an important technique that provides users with guidance on the direction or path they should take when they visit a website. It is important to be very clear about what action readers are to take, as if the user reaches a dead-end they will inevitably leave without responding to your call. For this reason, a call to action should not just be limited to the homepage.

In this context, all websites should have an objective, or a direction that it wants users to take. For example, a user may be directed to  fill out a contact form or signup for a newsletter. Importantly, this also provides a means of measuring your sites success through Google Analytics. As using the ‘on-page’ analytics tool enables you see the route users take and where ‘drop outs’ occur.

Website Content Optimization

For information on optimizing website content for best results in search engine rankings, please see the following link: website content optimization.